Feel Free To GIVE BACK...
Check Below To GIVE BACK, If You Feel Private Mentoring Has Helped YOU...
 transform your life for ever. 
Money Should NEVER Be a Barrier
When you DONTATE you are...
  • Helping others get what they need
  • Contributing to a worthy cause that is helping change the world
  • Learning to become consecrated to God and his work as well
  • Helping to spread and perpetuate MORE healing
  • Making a greater IMPACT on the world for good
Any Amount Is Appreciated... 
Because It allows Us To Continue Doing This Valuable Work
My Time And Talents Are Consecrated To God
For me, this is a sacred work. I love helping people but I also have to feed my family and pay for the cost of my time and resources used in order to share this learning and service that I do. 

I Have chosen to consecrate a full time effort ...
TO HELPING PEOPLE DO THEIR INNER WORK & DISCOVER WHO THEY ARE:  The spiritual nature of this work is deep and sacred. In many cases complete healing and transformation happens. But my time and energy and resources are extremely limited and this prevents me from going out and getting OTHER work that would actually help put food on the table and pay the bills. 

EXCHANGE OF VALUE:  I also see the need for people to experience an exchange of value for what they have just received. Nobody wants to be in the energy of getting something for nothing. It feels out of balance. Receiving without giving something in return can make a person feel undeserving and hesitant to receive. 
Sometimes clients are just so grateful for the deep impact these services have had on their lives, they feel a profound sense of gratitude and want to express it. 
This is a place where that can happen if it needs to and only YOU will know if it's something that NEEDS to happen. You'll either feel it or you won't.

What YOU Will GIVE!
Past coaching clients have literally spent thousands of dollars on Janet's Courses, Programs, and Private Mentoring...
When you donate, you ensure that Janet can continue to do this work and that others can continue to get the help and resources they need to go out and help others as well...
Thousands of Lives HAVE BEEN CHANGED Already!!
Here’s What People Are Saying:

"I Would Highly Recommend It For Anyone....
Struggling With Anxiety, Depression or any other illness. You will be amazed at how great you feel." -Lisa

"What Janet Teaches Is Worth Way More....
Than what she charges for each session. You will find peace in your life and a deep abiding respect for yourself."

"Thank YOU So Much For Helping Me Today...
Holy Cow! I can't believe what a 180 degree turn around my spirit took this past week.."

"I Could Physically Feel Things Happening To My Body....
And more things have started to make sense. It was just like making my body and mind correct itself."  

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Thanks Again For Giving Back
Your contribution is helping someone else get the help they need as well.
P.S: You have my personal guarantee that if YOU will put in the effort, be coachable, and take the steps I give you, this WILL transform your life. THAT is MY personal guarantee to you. YOU are much more powerful than you've ever been led to believe.