Private Event Hosted By

Rachael Grant Dixon & Janet Thurgood
"Co-Creating Another Way"
Private Women's Digital Retreat
April 23rd - 25th 2020 - ONLINE
ONLINE DIGITAL RETREAT:  You are invited to co-create in the spirit of community with women who choose to explore their divinity with curiosity, wonderment, and power. 

This will be a UNIQUE retreat experience unlike any other because the intent is to explore, co-create, imagine, and be curious about 8 KEY PILLARS of this life's journey. 

Consider These 8 Pillars of This Life's Journey...

  • ​Rest & Rhythm
  • Our Relationship With Food
  • The Breath of Life
  • ​How To Play & Imagine
  • ​Heart Centered Healing
  • ​Core Beliefs
  • ​Manifesting
  • ​Thriving In Community
Do you feel the call to discover YOU on a whole NEW level?
We invite you to unite with other women and explore aspects of yourself without absolutism and black and white thinking. We invite you to start seeing the world in a vibrant color, filled with possibilities and see where your unique gifts and talents are needed in building up this world on a higher level. Even if you come for no other reason than...

  Learn TDF Training (Personality Profile Testing) $150 VALUE
 A Creative and Welcoming Space for Soul Restoration
 Unity, Sisterhood, Laughing, and Co-Creation
 Experience The 8 Pillars of Life's Journey
Are you ready to ignite your innate creative power to rise up instead of tear down or be torn down?
Creation is inside of you and you are invited to come and co-create with us as we come together in community to live with wonder, thrive with imagination, and rejoice in who we really are in a luxurious and wonderfully fun space with AWESOME women like you.
Live Group Zoom Calls:

Schedule Will Be Posted Inside The Private Facebook Group For The Week of April 22-25

  Come Experience Co-Creating Together
 Discover Who You Are
 Spend Girl Time Together
Grab Your SPOT Now!
$150 Recommended Donation
For questions about the venue, dates, and accomodations etc... private message Janet or Rachael on Facebook here:   Janet Thurgood     Rachael Grant Dixon

P.S. : We can't wait to connect with you and form new friendships and relationships with one another. Don't wait. Grab your spot now. Payment plans available.

Meet Your Hosts

Rachael Grant Dixon 
Rachael has a masters degree from San Diego State University in Sport and Performance Psychology. She has spent decades developing her talents, listening to her inner guidance system, and living her purpose as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, advocate for truth, and seeker of the divine mysteries. Rachael has a unique ability to see and access divine power and bring it into the 3D world for the purpose of expansion, transformation, and service to others. She is a master teacher, guide, and facilitator who deeply loves connection and being a witness for the true potential in others.  
Rachael currently hosts the popular podcast series "She's Awake" Helping people live their life's truth, purpose, and passion.
Janet Thurgood
Janet is a wife and mother of 7 children, a singer/songwriter, and entrepreneur, as well as business consultant. She has owned many small businesses from her own cleaning company to business consulting and now private mentoring and teaching. She spent 25 years entrenched in the struggle of chronic long term illness and depression. After having a series of near-death, out of body experiences, Janet woke up and discovered herself on a deeper spiritual identity level. She discovered amazing tools to help her return to wholeness in a powerful way. As a Quantum Healing Practitioner and Soul Self Restoration Coach, she now does group mentoring, private consulting, and mentoring sessions with clients from all over the world. Her courses: Spontaneous Healing, Anxiety Release, and Greater Life Greater Impact have been featured all over the web on various platforms helping thousands of students and clients return to wholeness and self discovery.
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