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Take Nutrition To The Next Level
Here is what makes Vasayo Different
95-100% Absorbtion and Assimilation of
Detoxify & Boost Immune Function
Ohhhh How I LOVE this product. I have been trying to private label my own glutathione product for years. I've sold other people's versions of glutathione but never could get it right. It was either inconvenient and burdensome or tasted horrible with little results.  Please....I beg you, to go study glutathione and it's power within the body for wellness. I have seen first hand miracles as a practitioner for people suffering with Chronic illness, toxicity, addictions and soooo much more. THIS IS THE reason I am so in love with this company and these AMAZING PRODUCTS! 
Can you tell I'm excited?
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Detoxify & Remove Heavy Metals from Gut and Vital Organs
Have you guys ever done a cleanse? Do you know how uncomfortable and inconvenient they can be??? Ask me how I know this? And do you realize how dangerous it can really be to pull these kinds of toxins and heavy metals out of the cells, organs, and tissue? If you don't know what you're doing, you can actually make your problem worse by sending the poisons where you DON'T want them. This product is a Godsend for my clients. It's simple. It's safe and IT WORKS!
Don't Ever Underestimate This Powerful Step In Health Restoration
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Detoxify The Brain, Improve Brain Function
Powerful phytonutrients like Hooperzine A, Citicoline, Bacopa, Ginko Biloba, Alpha GPC.  I'm sure many of these ingredients don't mean much to you but how about:  Elevating Cognitive Function, Beating Brain Fog, Balance the Mood, and Boost Mental Energy and Clarity. If I had a child or parent with cognitive, focus, and or memory problems, I would have them on this.   IT WORKS!
How Much Is Strong Brain Function Worth To You?
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Nourish Like You've Never Eaten Before
If you really understood all the nutrition that is packed into these tiny capsules, you'd commit to taking them daily and then eat for fun. I feel SOO good on this one supplement alone and feel secure that I'm getting the maximum amount of bang for my buck with the incredibly high absorbtion rate with liposomal technology. 
This really is the most powerful and simple way to NOURISH the body
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Nature's Way To Energize and Bring Vitality
This is not your average energy drink. It is full of nutrition and naturally occurring forms of caffeine as well as other vitality packed plant based nutrients. (NOT to be confused with synthetic addictive caffeinated sugary drinks). This product is meant to use nutrients to stabilize blood sugar, mood, and hydration
Can I just say right now that I, Janet Thurgood, LOVE THIS STUFF. It has gotten me through work outs, sleepy afternoons, and lethargy.
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Powerful Weight Loss But NOT Just Weight Loss
I have personally witnessed the power of the ingredients in this product to boost metabolism, curb appetite, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. I personally have consistently dropped a few pounds a week. I love it. It just makes sense. One of the healthiest ways to stabilize blood sugar and release excess weight.  
Thank YOU V-Slim
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Oh my heavens, I have suffered with body pain, bone pain, joint pain, even hair pain for so many years. Sometimes pain can be caused by inflammation. This powerful anti-inflammatory delivers UNEQUALED results. I've never seen another product like it. Just spray 4 sprays in the mouth. I take it at night with "SLEEP" product.
Curcumin, Resveratrol, Ginger etc.... 
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Got Sleep?
I've always had problems with getting good sleep. I have a hard time getting to sleep but also have a hard time staying asleep. I'm also pretty sure I rarely sleep deep. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. The past few nights since taking, I've slept deep. I wake up feeling so refreshed and good and ready to hit the ground running.....NEVER had that before.
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Live Interview with Chief Scientist and Formulator of these products.  Candid and open interview to discover the integrity and authenticity of these products.
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Meet Janet,
Founder, CEO of "Restore"
  • Educational Speaker at National Energy Healing Conf, 2018
  • Presenter at Hope Haven Retreats Canada 2018
  • Wellness Coach since 2009
  • Quantum Healing Certified 2010
  • Allergy Release, Trauma Release, Being Reiki, Quantum Energy Transformation, Age Clearing Certification 2010
  • Online Course Creator of "The Body Restore Process" featured on over 365 News media platforms including ABC, NBC, CNN, CBC, FOX and others, 2015 
  •  Vasayo Brand Partner....Aligned in 2018
MY Results
Since taking all 8 of these products, I have more energy than I know what to do with. I feel mentally clear and wide awake. I'm sleeping better and eating less. Pooping more (I know I know TMI) and loosing weight. (10 lbs first month). Ohhhh and hair has stopped falling out. YAY!!!
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