How A MOM of 7 Reversed a 25 Year Battle With Chronic Fatigue, Pain & Anxiety and Found Energy & Vitality  Again Through LAWS of Health!
 "Restore Body Mind & Soul" 
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Janet offers FREE training to get you motivated to clean up the root causes of your health problems. So many women with chronic illness feel hopeless, lost, alone, helpless, and ready to throw in the towel. They have a hard time just getting through the day let alone planning for and living LIFE.  If this is you, it's a sign that you've been yanked pretty far off your soul's divine path. What lies at the root of these symptoms  will also follow you into your bank account and your relationships. Inside this Facebook Group you'll learn to tap back into the deeper parts of your true self and use it to access universal laws of spontaneous healing that when applied will support your body's own ability to fix itself. Did you know you could feel AMAZING AGAIN. Within a few clicks you can begin to change your life...
Restorative Medicine is especially great for people who suffer from chronic, degenerative, pain and illness. Janet has helped hundreds of people dealing with:

Cancer                                    Grief
Fibromyalgia                          PTST
Chronic Pain                          Lymes Disease
Chronic Fatigue                     Auto Immune Illnesses
Anxiety                                    Toxicity
Depression                             Social/Identity Issues
Limiting Beliefs                     Addictions

And Soooo much more...
1. You MUST Do Your Inner Work (Quantum Healing)
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2.  Support The Body Physically 
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"My health coach literally saved my life. At a time when I fully expected to not make it through one more night, my health coach pulled me out of an exceptionally dark place.... Something I KNOW I could have never done by myself. I owe a huge debt to the Lord and I pay it forward by helping others find their way out of chronic suffering for good. Most people don't believe me but I really do feel better now than I did in my 20's."
     -Janet Thurgood

Live coaching is done in person or over the phone
Janet's Course "The Body Restore Process" Has been featured on over 365 News Media Platforms Including:
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Janet schedules out small blocks of time during the week where she or a member of her staff will take the time to talk to you personally to find out what is going on with you. We are here to listen to what's going on and help you discover if restorative medicine and or coaching is right for you. We help you discover a path that you will get the most benefit from in the least amount of time so you can get on with living your life... If you've had enough and you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, you should schedule a call. There is NOTHING to loose and we won't pressure you into doing anything that isn't right for you.
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