Heal The Soul - with Janet Thurgood

How A MOM of 6 Reversed a 25 Year Battle With Chronic Illness, & Anxiety and Found Spiritual Awakening Through Quantum Healing Tools!
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Thousands of people these days are beginning to realize that religion alone is NOT enough to help them wake up and mature spiritually in order to help them ascend through these uncertain times. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms below, this program is PERFECT for you to find Transformation, Ascension, Inner Power, Physical Healing, and Peace....

Chronic Illness, Pain, or Fatigue           
Fear, Anxiety & Stress            
Worried About Future             
Feeling Stuck                           
Feeling Lost                            
Can't Hear God                        
Don't Know Who You Are
Disconnected From God
Disconnected From Others
Lack of Self Awareness
Lack of Intuition
Lack of Hope, Lack of Peace
Lack of Purpose & Passion

Heal The Soul - with Janet Thurgood

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Heal The Soul - with Janet Thurgood

My Journey

During a long battle with chronic illness, my health coach/Spiritual Mentor literally saved my life. At a time when I fully expected to not make it through one more night, this man pulled me out of an exceptionally dark place.... Something I KNOW I could have never done by myself. I owe a huge debt to the Lord and I pay it forward by helping others apply this learning that not only saved my life but cracked me open spiritually in a HUGE way.

After spending 25 years battling Lymes Disease and 5 other auto-immune illnesses, I literally wanted to end my life. I couldn't imagine going one more day in this prison I called my body. Then I learned from amazing teachers and mentors about the spiritual, emotional, mental, and metaphysical aspects to my problems. I began doing the necessary work within to resolve what was distorted within that was holding me hostage and now I live a life of freedom and vitality. My passion in life is to share this learning with others.

Live coaching can also be done over the phone
Janet's Course "The Body Restore Process" Has been featured on over 365 News Media Platforms Including:

I Found Greater Strength

"What Janet teaches is worth way more than what she charges...You will find greater strenth...in living the principles of happiness...You will find peace in your life and a deep abiding respect for yourself and a love for others. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, learning and applying what she teaches will help you confront the most simple and most coplex challenges of your life" - J Smith

I Gained Greater Perspective

"Janet, you are WONDERFUL, a gift to this world. I am so grateful for the progress we made in our sessions and the reminder of proper perspective you shared" - J Currie

There IS Hope!

"Only about 5 people know just how black, bleak, hopeless, traumatized I was, I put on a brave face for the most part, although I know people knew I was struggling they didn't know just how bad and why I was. I tried everythihng. On my healing journey which I'm still on, I found this incredible woman. To say she was life changing is an understatement. I didn't tell anyone what I was doing but people started to notice. No joke. She literally pulled me through the fires of hell. What a journey and lessons I've learned. Forever grateful" - L Gibb

I Resolved My Grief

"I was in a dark deep lost hole when we met. Losing your soul mate to cancer can do that to a person. You gave me the tools and courage and HOPE to clean, clear, and reset my heart and soul. It wasn't easy. It was downright painful at times. But I got through it. I overcame. I grew and flourished on a deep soul level. I feel free and at peace within myself now. I found my true self again and I love myself. I will forever be grateful for what you have taught me and for the courage you have shown me that lives inside of me! You are truly a blessing from God my friend" - J Shalapia

We Resolved My Addiction

"Janet has an uncanny ability to get to the root of the problem. From the first minute of our first session I knew, finally, that I was going to get the help I so desperately needed for years. I tried rehab, counselors, books, groups etc...They scratched the surface, but Janet got to the center of why I'm an addict to the marrow of my bones" - J Welker

It Has Changed My Life

"Thanks for everything. I can't thank you enough for all you do and share. It has changed my life and I am able to help my family in so many ways because of the wealth of knowledge you have made available to us through this program" - K Jensen
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